Unlike most of the large and globally known generalist firms, Sestante Capital is a specialist with a deep understanding and commitment to Technology and Innovation.


As a team at Sestante, we strive to make collaborative and consensus decisions to provide portfolio executives broad access to our network and the perspectives of our professionals, becoming catalyst to their growth and success



Flexible, quick to respond, creative, and non-bureaucratic.


Committed to working as a team internally and with our portfolio companies.


Focused on making few investments each year and doing them exceedingly well.


Optimistic, with the discipline and work ethic to systematically help our management partners reduce or eliminate business risk.


We work as a team and our partners have broad access to catalyst resources

Giovanni Pennetta

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer

A deep passion for technology and a natural curiosity for innovation give Giovanni the hedge to lead Sestante Capital as Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer. Giovanni founded Sestante Capital in 2017, he started his career with UBS Wealth Management before moving to Merrill Lynch and has been CEO of Goldwinds Wealth Management where in 2008 he won the Spear’s Best Boutique Asset Manager Award. Italian born, Giovanni has Master Degree from Bocconi in Milan and holds a Certificate from the Fintech program at Saïd Business School at Oxford University. When not at the helm of Sestante Giovanni is a renowned and passionate amateur chef and baker.

Barbaro Guy Levi

Partner COO

As dynamic entrepreneur, Barbaro has built and sold several companies; while starting his career in IT he founded a successful firm specialized on CAD/CAM architecture and engineering. Barbaro’s ability to interpret industry trends and understand enterprise business has helped him venture into several different industries, with a and have developed a deep passion and hedge in Sports Finance, Energy and Technology. Between 2008 and 2012 Barbaro joined the private investments arm of Goldwinds Wealth Management focusing his efforts in leading the development and growth of portoflio companies. Italian born, Barbaro studied law in Italy, speaks fluently four languages and when not at Sestante he’s an avid cyclist.


We empower our portfolio companies to pursue larger addressable markets, expand into adjacent market segments, and bid on new and larger opportunities.

While we do not operate portfolio companies, we do bring substantial resources that enable management to optimize business performance and growth. Additionally, we specialize in creating healthier margins via improved utilization and leveraging of fixed costs, IT infrastructure, and outsourcing.

Our key revenue focused initiatives include:

  • Growth Strategies
  • New Business Lines & Revenue Streams
  • Geographic Expansion
  • Optimal Pricing Analysis

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